***Invitation to a talk*** by Kade Head-Marsden from Harvard University


Join us on Friday, November 5, at 13:30 CET, at the Ernst Mach lecture hall for a talk on “Quantum algorithms for non-unitary time evolution of quantum systems” given by Kade Head-Marsden from Harvard University.

Quantum algorithms for non-unitary time evolution of quantum systems

Speaker: Kade Head-Marsden (Harvard-University)

Time & Date: Friday, November 5, 2021, starting at 13:30 CET

Location: Ernst Mach lecture hall (1090 Vienna, Strudlhofgasse 4, 2nd floor, room 3248)

Hosts: Philip Walther & Norbert Schuch

Open quantum system evolution in the presence of an environment is crucial to understanding and improving many processes including the communication of quantum information and the transfer of energy. Quantum computing platforms have emerged as a promising route to modelling and predicting the behaviour of such systems. However, mapping inherently non-unitary dynamics into the unitary framework of gate-based quantum algorithms is a challenging task. Here, I will discuss two different density matrix gate-based quantum algorithms to predict the dynamics of open quantum systems. The first algorithm is dilation based where the Hilbert space of interest is expanded to map non-unitary evolution into a unitary framework [1,2]. The second algorithm is based on the decomposition of a non-unitary matrix into Hermitian and anti-Hermitian components [3]. I will discuss the theory behind these algorithms, their extension from the Markovian to the non-Markovian regime, and applications relevant in chemistry and physics [4].

[1] Z. Hu, R. Xia, and S. Kais, Sci. Rep., 10, 3301 (2020)
[2] K. Head-Marsden, S. Krastanov,  D. A. Mazziotti, and P. Narang, Phys. Rev. Res., 3 (1), 013182 (2021)
[3] A.W. Schlimgen, K. Head-Marsden, L. Sager, P. Narang, and D. A. Mazziotti (submitted 2021) arXiv:2106.12588
[4] Z. Hu, K. Head-Marsden, D. A. Mazziotti, P. Narang, and S. Kais (submitted 2021) arXiv:2101.05287v2

Corona regulations: To attend the talk, a valid evidence of being vaccinated or PCR tested or having recovered from a COVID19 infection needs to be presented at the entrance to the Faculty of Physics at Strudlhofgasse 4. Moreover, it is mandatory to wear FFP2 face masks in all public areas of the University of Vienna.

portrait of Kade Head-Marsden