Welcome, Bram Vanhecke!


We are very happy to introduce our new group member, Dr. Bram Vanhecke. With his expertise in numerical tensor network methods for the study of many-body problems, he is a great addition to the Quantum Information & Quantum Many-Body Physics team.

Bram joins us as a postdoc from Ghent University, Belgium, where he has recently completed his PhD at the Faculty of Sciences’ Department of Physics and Astronomy with Prof. Frank Verstraete. His research interests lie in the development and advancement of cutting-edge, high-precision tensor network methods to the study of both quantum many-body systems and classical statistical mechanics problems in one, two, and three dimensions, as well as in their application to the state-of-the-art study of systems of physical relevance, such as frustrated systems, topological order, or critical phenomena.

portrait of Dr. Bram Vanhecke