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Positions for PhD students and postdocs

If you are interested in joining our growing interdisciplinary research team at the University of Vienna as a member of the Faculty of Physics or the Faculty of Mathematics, apply now!

Research topics & profile

Topics of interest cover the whole range from quantum information and computation to quantum many-body physics, with a focus on tensor networks and related methods.

In particular, possible research topics include:

  • Tensor network theory, classification of phases, mathematics of quantum many-body systems
  • Tensor network algorithms and simulation methods for quantum many-body systems
  • Topological order and spin liquids
  • Quantum Algorithms (in particular for the simulation of many-body problems and for NISQ devices)
  • Entanglement Theory
  • Quantum Complexity Theory, Hamiltonian Complexity

More information on topics covered in the group can be found on our research pages.

Candidates interested in the above topics or in related areas are encouraged to apply.
PhD candidates should have a background in theoretical physics, mathematics, or computer science; skills specific to the chosen research project are not a prerequisite and can be acquired during the course of the PhD.
Postdocs should either have a demonstrated a background in a related field of research, or otherwise clarify why they would like to change research directions; again, there is the opportunity to acquire specific additional skills as needed.

How to apply

To apply, please send an email to schuch-office.quantum[at] (Subject: "PhD application" or "Postdoc application") with all of the following documents, preferably in merged into one PDF:

PhD applicants:
  • a brief cover letter (max. 1 page), explaining the motivation for joining the group;
  • a comprehensive CV;
  • certificates and grades from bachelor as well as master studies;
  • and the contact data of at least one referee who can provide a letter of recommendation upon request.
Postdoc applicants:
  • a comprehensive CV (including a list of publications & talks);
  • a description of future research plans (roughly 1-3 pages);
  • the contact data of at least two referees who can provide a letter of recommendation upon request;
  • and relevant certificates and grades.

    Further information

    The deadline for our most recent call was December 11th, 2023, but applications of talented candidates are always welcome. 

    Starting dates are flexible and can be discussed.

    PhD appointments are for a period of 4 years total, with an initial salary of about 27800€/year after taxes (30 hrs/week, fixed-term employment contract).
    Postdoc appointments are for an initial period of 2 years, with a salary of about 44000€/year after taxes (40 hrs/week, fixed-term employment contract).
    (See the university's page on the collective salary scheme for more information.)

    For information regarding occupational and social benefits of working for the University of Vienna, download the information brochure for university staff here. Additional info on studying and living in Vienna is provided in the University's welcome guide for new students.

    Successful candidates are associated either with the Department of Physics or the Department of Mathematics, depending on their background and interests.
    PhD candidates also become members of the corresponding doctoral schools ( or

    Master's Theses

    We always welcome requests from master students who are interested in doing a Master's Thesis in our theoretical research group, either in Physics or in Mathematics.
    Interested master students are kindly asked to directly inquire with our group leader Prof. Norbert Schuch about the possibility of doing a master's thesis.

    Note that we generally cannot support outside students who want to come to Vienna for doing their master's thesis.