Vienna welcomed international Tensor Network community


For the past eight weeks, leading experts in the field of Tensor Networks as well as aspiring young PhD students from all over the world have met in Vienna to exchange knowledge and foster collaborations.

Organized by our group leader Norbert Schuch together with Frank Pollmann (TU Munich) and Frank Verstraete (U Gent) in collaboration with the Erwin Schrödinger Institute (ESI), the long-term thematic program "Tensor Networks: Mathematical Structures and Novel Algorithms" and the "TENSOR22 School on Tensor Networks based approaches to Quantum Many-Body Systems" were specifically tailored to bring together the global community in this trailblazing field of research.

During the five-day graduate school, 70 selected young PhD students from around the globe enjoyed an intense schedule that gave them plenty of opportunities for becoming familiar with Tensor Networks, as well as for networking: Twelve lectures held by seven international experts were complemented by four extensive tutorials, a panel discussion, more than a dozen flash talks by participants and two heavily attended poster sessions with over 30 posters being presented.

The eight-week-long thematic program, on the other hand, brought together more than 100 leading experts on Tensor Networks from both mathematics and physics, and with expertise ranging from the mathematical structure to the numerical application of Tensor Networks, with the goal of tackling the relevant challenges in the field. Two intense five-day workshops – one on "Computational aspects of Tensor Networks", the other on "Mathematical structure of Tensor Networks" – featured agendas with a total of over 40 expert talks on cutting-edge research. Outside the workshop weeks, the participants had the opportunity to use the ESI facilities to foster intense scientific collaborations, combined with focused topical discussions.

For more details on the two events, you can visit the websites of the ESI and the European Tensor Network. On the latter, students interested in Tensor Networks will soon also find info on the next edition of the annual graduate school.

The long-term thematic program "Tensor Networks: Mathematical Structures and Novel Algorithms" has received support through the ERC grant SEQUAM.